Secure and targeted coupon marketing with the Coupon API.

Standard coupon marketing solutions only provide basic functionality, are inflexible and do not scale with your company’s specific coupon requirements. Coupon Engines developed in-house are costly to build, maintain and a drain on development resources.

Talon.One offers the most powerful Coupon API that scales to the demand of any organization.

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Quantity and payment coupon code

If a customer orders 3+ items and pays with a credit card, give a 10% discount when the coupon code is valid.

Coupon code is valid
of cart item is and
Session payment method is
Set a of

Integrate with our Coupon API

Stop launching imprecise coupon campaigns and exhausting your promotional budget with poor segmentation. Talon.One uses your data like customer profiles and custom events so you can build sophisticated coupon rules. Quickly set up targeted, relevant and compelling coupons that drive conversions.

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Personalized coupons

If a customer with the ID X or Email “” enters a valid coupon code, set a discount of 10€.

Did you know: You can automate coupon creation with your CRM using the Coupon API operation.

Coupon code is valid
Coupon is tied to
Set a of
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Data-driven coupon campaigns

Customize coupon campaigns with dynamic conditions and effects simply using the Rule Builder or the Management API.

Drive customer engagement with highly precise and personalized coupons. Leverage your customer data using the Talon.One Promotion Engine to reach customers at the right time with the right reward.

Staggered discounts

If a customer is part of segment “first 100 users”, give 50% discount with valid coupon code, and when customer is part of “next 200 users” give 20%. Only valid if orders are below 30€.

Coupon code is valid
Total cart value is and
Coupon usage counter &
Coupon usage counter &
Set a of
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Analytics and performance tracking

Analyze the coupon count, redemptions, revenue, and costs of your campaign in the dashboard to identify and optimize top performing coupon campaigns.

Talon.One ensures the highest level of coupon security and will automatically alert you of suspicious behaviour.

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Couponing powered by the Talon.One Promotion Engine

One seamless integration is the gateway to unlimited coupon campaign possibilities.

Data integration and API usage

Whether you have a shop, CRM, or custom-built system, integrate data from any source via the API into the Promotion Engine. You can even automate campaigns using the API without using our UI.

Rule validation

Our Promotion Engine evaluates the campaign criteria defined in your rules, like if a customer makes a purchase or successful referral, then executes effects like sending a discount or rejecting a coupon.


The Promotion Engine will apply any type of custom effect, like adding loyalty points to a customer profile or a discount to the shopping cart value. Implement webhooks to trigger external effects like sending a coupon code from your email provider.

Analytics and optimization

Analyze your campaign performance in real-time. Track customer behaviour and event logs to build insights and take action. Our Promotion Engine performs logical checks and sends automatic alerts when fraudulent activity is detected.

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